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Air Conditioning Tips

Air conditioning is one of the affordable luxuries that Australians can buy.

There are many benefits of air conditioning and the comfort it creates, it allows you to control the temperature so you can create your very own comfortable paradise for you and your family, it can reduce stress levels, making the home a happier and a more relaxed environment for your occupants.

When looking for an air conditioner, there are a few things to avoid. For example not purchasing the right air conditioner for the job or trying to DIY and install the air conditioner yourself. This is a big no no, it save you money, but you risk causing damage to the air conditioning unit or worst start an electrical fire that will burn down your house.

There are many air conditioning systems out there, but which air conditioner is right for you? You will be overwhelmed with the number of different air conditioners on the market, so lets break it down to your common 3 types of air conditioning:

  • Split system air conditioning, which allows you to cool a single room.
  • Multi-head air conditioners is a flexible solution which allows you to cool multiple rooms at the same, it has the ability to allow you to control the temperature of each room.
  • Ducted air conditioning, one of the most energy efficient systems that you can get out there, allowing you to cool down different zones of your house (one zone contains one or more rooms).

Majority of air conditioning systems are reverse cycle air conditioners, where it's able to warm your house during winter and cools you during summer, which is why air conditioning systems are a viable solution all year round.

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